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Artistic activities of “ Shota” Ensemble during 2014

10/01/2015   Invited by Tetova’s Mayor Mrs.Teuta Arifi and CAA “Xheladin Zeqiri”,”Shota” Ensemble performed a mutual concert with SHKA “Xh. Zeqiri”, on 14 Feb. 2014 in Cultural Center of Tetova. This concert has been held in honor of Kosovo’s Independent Day.

In honor of sixth anniversary of Independence of Republic of Kosovo, The National Songs and Dance Ensemble „Shota“ held a concert in Prishtina, on 16 Feb. 2014 (organized by Prime-minister’s office, Mr. Hashim Thaçi) and in Suhareka on 17 Feb.2014 (organized by Municipality of Suhareka).

Invited by Mayor of Agrigento, Mr.Marco Zambuto “Shota” Ensemble participated in “59 Festivali Internazionale del Folklore nell’ambito della 69’Sagra del Mandorlo inFiore” in Agrigento, Sicily, from 09.03.2014 -18.03.2014.In this festival “Shota” was awarded with first price in Dance category.

In case of Opening Ceremony of World Championship in Karate, organized by FKK and MKRS in Pristine, Ensemble ”Shota” performed a concert in Youth and Sports Centre, on 05 Apr.2014.

In a honor of exodus day, events dedicated to 15th anniversary of exodus “Days of Exodus ‘99”, “Shota” Ensemble performed a concert in Kukës (Albania), on 16 April 2014.

On 21 of May 2014, “Shota” was invited to participate in opening ceremony of Kosovo – Turkey International friendly match, played in “Adem Jashari” stadium in Mitrovica. Expected agenda was cancelled, because of days of mourning of Turkish country, after death of Somas Miners.

On May 24 2014, Shota has performed in Opening Ceremony of European Championship of Body-Building and Fitness held in Pristine.

Invited by organizers of Cultural Event “Pranvera në Anë të Malit’ held in old City of Shas, on 23, 24 and 25 May, “Shota” Ensemble performed a concert on 25 May 2014, in Shas (Montenegro).

Invited by U.S. Agency for Development, “Shota” Ensemble on 28 May 2014 participated on 15th anniversary of USAID activity’s in Kosovo, with a short-length performance. This show was held in “Zahir Pajaziti” square in Pristine.

Invited by organizers of “XVIII International Folk Festival-Vitosha 2014” Festival, Ensemble “Shota” took part in this important international festival, held from 26-30 June 2014, in Sofia, Bulgaria. From this event “Shota” was back home with first prize in category of couples (the only category that was competitive).

On Jul 30 2014, artistic troupe of “Shota” Ensemble participated in opening ceremony of “ETNO-FEST-2014” Festival, held on 30.07 - 03.08, in Kukaj, Pristine.

Invited by Ministry of Diaspora, “Shota” Ensemble took part in closing ceremony of “Dita e Diasporës”, held in Prekaz, on 02 Aug. 2014.

Celebration of 50th anniversary of National Ensemble of Songs and Dance “Shota”, as professional ensemble, on 26 Sep.2014 was held Solemn Academy in National Theatre of Pristine. In the same day, in foyer of the National Theatre was opened the photo exhibition “50 years in 50 photos”. In the Academy is shown also a documentary dedicated to 50th anniversary of the Ensemble’s activities, also have been given prizes and gratitude’s to contributors of Ensemble.

During the ceremony of 50th anniversary of the Ensemble “Shota”, on 27 of September 2014, was held the Gala Festive Concert in sports hall “1 Tetori” in Pristine. In this concert, except artistic troupe of ensemble “Shota”, take part also a lot of artistic troupes, dancers and singers, invited by Artistic Director of Ensemble.

On 1st of October 2014 Artistic Troupe of Ensemble participated on shootings for “Oxygen show”, in which show was special guest the director of Ensemble, Mr. Shefqet Gjocaj. The main purpose of this was exclusively 50th anniversary of “Shota”.

Organized by MKYS, “Shota” Ensemble on 03 Oct.2014 performed on the National Theatre, for the participant’s of13th session of Cultural European Parliament, which was held for the first time in Kosovo, on patronage of the Minister of MKYS, Mr. Memli Krasniqi.

According to Ensembles’s Management Plan, on 10 Oct.2014 , in Hall of Cultural Center in Gjakovë, was heldtourney of concerts, named “Nëpër Gjeografinë Shqiptare”.

Invited from organizator ofmulticultural ceremony i Anës së Malit, BKA dhe zyra e Turizmit e qytetit të Ulqinit, Ansambli “Shota” ka marrë pjesë në “Dita e Shegës” dhe festivalin “Dolcinum International Festival”, ku ka shfaqur dy programe: Në Katerkollë (16.10.2014) dhe në Ulqin me 17 Tetor 2014.

On 24 Oct. 2014, “Shota” Ensemble took part in 20th anniversary of “Oda Dibrane”, in Peshkopia, Albania (Invited as Special Guest from organizer), it was held from 23-26 October. In honor of this festival, “Shota” Ensemble performed a full show in Cultural Center in Peshkopia.

In honor of 50th anniversary of Ensemble “Shota” and with the invitation of Mayor of Istog, Mr. Haki Rugova, on 29 Oct.2014, “Shota” performed in Cultural Centre of Istog.

In the same date, after the concert held in Istog, a part of artistic troupe of Ensemble “Shota”, took part in festive ceremony of KOC, after acceptance of it in International Olympic Committee. The ceremony was held in Restaurant “Miracles”, in Fushë Kosovo.

In honor of 50th anniversary of Ensemble “Shota”, and invitation from Mayor of Deçani, Mr. Rasim Selmanaj, on 31 Oct.2014, the Ensemble “Shota” performed a concert in Cultural Hall in Deçani.

For the same porpoise, and with the invitation from Mayor of Mitrovica Mr. Agim Bahtiri, on 17 Nov.2014, Ensemble “Shota” performed a concert in Cultural Centre “Rexhep Mitrovica”, in Mitrovica.

On 22 of Nov.2014, with the invitation of Mayor of Tetova, Mrs. Teuta Arifi, Ensemble “Shota” took part in ceremony of 65th anniversary of SHKA “Xheladin Zeqiri”. It was a joint performance with KAS “Xh. Zeqiri” and the National Songs and Dances Ensemble from Albania.

On 25 of Nov.2014, Ensemble “Shota” performed in TOB Hall in Tirana. This concert was held in honor of Flag's Day (28 November) and was part of implementation of agreement for common cultural calendar with Republic of Albania.

On 27 Nov. 2014, Ensemble “Shota” performed in Theatre of Gjilan. The concert was held during celebrations for Flag Day in this city, organized by mayor of Gjilan, Mr. Lutfi Haziri.

Invited by organizers of Songs Festival “Kosovarja Këndon”, held in Ferizaj, Ensemble “Shota” took part in this event as special guest, by performing in sports hall “Bill Klinton” in Ferizaj, on 28 Nov.2014.

On the same day, requested by organizer (Municipality of Pristine), for the Flag’s Day celebrations, Ensemble “Shota” performed in City’s Square of Pristine.

On 09 Dec.2014, Dance Troupe of Ensemble “Shota” participated in records of New Year’s Eve Festive Show of “Oxygen”, held in restaurant “Xeni Imperial”,in Gjakova.

Invited by Municipality of Presheva, on 12 Dec.2014, Ensemble “Shota” performed in Cultural Hall “Abdulla Krashnica”, Presheva. Concert was held on patronage of Mayor of Presheva, Mr. Ragmi Mustafa.

On 20 Dec. 2014, “Shota” had a joint Concert with National Ensemble of Albania, in the hall of National Theatre of Pristine. This program was part of “Joint Cultural Calendar” between Kosovo and Albania. Afterwards, it was a Ceremony dinner, in which except two Ensembles’, were invited former members of the Ensemble “Shota”, in what was initiated as e “generations’ meeting”.

Ansambli Kombëtar i këngëve dhe valleve - SHOTA 2014