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“Shota” performed a program for the British Royal College (RCDS) and British Embassy in Kosovo

A group of 18 international students from the British Royal College of Defense Studies, that stayed in Kosovo as guests to British Embassy during second part of May, visited The National Ensemble of Songs and Dance “Shota” on 30th May. This delegation was led by the director of RCDS, Mr. Steven Abbott, and the military attaché Richard Perry. In this case, Artistic Troop of Ensemble “Shota” performed a concert in the Ensemble’s Hall. Afterwards the director of Ensemble informed the guests with the history of the Ensemble and also answered to the questions of the guests about the type of folklore “Shota” cultivate, choreography history and the customs diversity from different regions which Ensemble “Shota” during performances. At the end of the program, there were gifts exchanged: The Ensemble’s Director gave a copy of Ensemble’s Monograph in both Albanian and English Language for the College and British Embassy, and a calendar for each present member of the College. Meanwhile Mr. Abbott gave to the Ensemble “Shota” the Emblem of the Royal College and a painting with the building of the Royal College of Defense.

Collective photo with the RCDS delegation and the Ensemble “Shota”

Ansambli Kombëtar i këngëve dhe valleve - SHOTA 2014