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Mutual concert of Ensemble “Shota” and National Ensemble of Albania

30/03/2016   This year’s collaboration of Ensemble “Shota” with the National Ensemble of Republic of Albania, inside the common cultural agenda, starts on 1st April, where both Ensembles will perform a mutual songs concert. This thematic concert, will rely on topics such as the spring, flowers and love, the concert will unite singers and orchestras of two ensembles on the hall of the National Theater of Kosovo. Beside of musical pearls performed separately from two ensembles, there will be also common joint performances during the concert, which will be conducted by Artistic Leader of Ensemble “Shota”, Mr. Ylber Asllanaj and Artistic Director of National Ensemble of Albania, Mr. Gerti Druga.

The mutual concert will take place on 1st April 2016 on the hall of the National Theater of Kosovo in Prishtina, starting from 8 PM.

Ansambli Kombëtar i këngëve dhe valleve - SHOTA 2014